Tuesday, August 21, 2007

On the Lot announces its winner

Tonight, Steven Spielberg walked Will Bigham, the filmmaker from Texas whose run started with "Lucky Penny", through the gates at Dreamworks studios for his one million dollar directing job. We do not yet know what feature film from Dreamworks he will direct.

The show tonight on Fox spent most of the hour showing favorite clips from a number of the contestants, not just the top three.

But at the end, Adrianna Costa first told Adam Stein that he was not one of the finalists, and then made us wait through a commercial break to announce the winner.

Will Bigham's films were noted for visual storytelling with moderate use of special effects, and a certain touch of gentleness and irony that is likely to play well with investors. Epperson and Stein both were willing to take on sharper edges and controversy, Epperson with religious issues and controversies within Christianity in a few films, Stein with military and social policy satire. Zach Lipovsky finished fourth was known for strong special effects and visual storytelling that tends to work well in big budget franchises and kids' films; some critics did not feel that his characters were as strong in his final films ("Bonus Feature"). Most of the films in the contest fit would into the PG or PG-13 (sometimes G) category,

Adrianna admitted that a technical glitch prevented Internet voting last week.

Carrie Fisher and Garry Marshall were present, and Garry said, remember that real life is more important than show business.

A number of the directors did outstanding work, and I am sure we will see their work again.

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