Tuesday, June 26, 2007

On the Lot: 6 Comedy Shorts (12 contestants left)

Tonight, On The Lot, six of the twelve remaining contestants submitted comedies. Jessica Brillhart was eliminated.

Here are the six films:

Dr. In-Law, directed by Shalinia Kantayya, makes fun of a proctology exam (the device is big and intrusive) with some Korean dialogue.

Discovering the Wheels, by Adam Stein, is a bit of a Flinstones sci-fi comedy. Some kids beam a Mustang back to the days of the Apes in 2001, and beam them back, and beam away the car.

Nerve Endings
, by Will Bigham. Here is a replay of the brain surgery during the dinner party in Hannibal, without Anthony Hopkins in public life. It’s bloodly and gory, with red paint splattering the operating room walls, as the doctor makes the poor hapless subject jerk his legs and arms. With his brains exposed, he was allowed to keep the hair on his legs, but not his chest. But it's the ultimate in humiliation.

Under the Gun, by Hilary Graham. Some bimbos rob a sperm bank, and even raid the Collections Department, with no knowledge of the FDCPA.

How to Have a Girl, by David May. The title has a double meaning, and the subjects roll around in bed.

Die Hardly Working
, by Zach Lipovsky, is a fantasy fight, without special effects, while clockwatchers wait for the 5 PM bell.

The contestants might want rent and look at Lars Van Trier's filmmaking exercise, "The Five Obstructions (2003, Koch Lorber)," which documents multiple remakes of the 1967 documentary short by Jorgen Leth, "The Perfect Man". These are discussed here.

Here's another nice short: "This Is Your Most Important Meeting Ever" is a nice one-minute commercial for Diet Coke with a real story -- a young junior executive insists on having his diet coke when he gets up in the morning and at the board room table, where as an invisible genie dresses him, complete with garters. Just a touch of PG eroticism. Remember the "Nissan Sentra" (by Marc Horowitz) commercials?

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