Tuesday, June 05, 2007

On the Lot: 15 semi-finalists, 5 films

On the Lot: 3-Minute Films

On Tuesday, June 5, five of the fifteen remaining contestants exhibited free-style 3-minute films. Michael Bay was the guest judge, and he was quite frank.

Sam Friedlander: Broken Pipe Dreams. You guessed it, a ring falls down the toilet. A gog intervenes, and some pipes in the underground have to be severed. Call the plumber. Sam has also made “Lazy Monday.”

Trevor James: Teri. A young man prepares for a blind date with a great deal of fantasy. I think he could have been opened up more.

Hilary Graham: The First Time I Met the Finkelsteins. The grandmother wants the female dinner guest to give her grandchildren, and its OK to do SIBM if necessary. Meet the Fockers! Garry Marshall talked a lot about needing establishing shots and “backing up” and Michael May talked about a line that sounded like a groaner.

Adam Stein: Dough: The Musical. A hungry man and unemployed girl meet in a variation of High School Musical for young adults. Could he direct Zac Efron?

Shalini Kantayya: Laughing Out Loud: A Comic Journey. A gentleman from India imitates Harvey Feierstein and prepares for New York comedy club in a non-linear skit. The gay aspect really was rather transparent. I think she could have spiced it up with a little SNL.

Update: June 12

Trevor James was eliminated from the competition.

Five more films:

Andrew Hunt: Polished. A janitor (custodian) tries to make friends with his overlings at work, and is ignored. He comes up with a devious plan for attention. He will offer free hamburgers and really polish the floors good, Army barracks style. The prada-like coworkers will all get replays of my wet-floor acetabular fracture in Minnesota in 1998.

David May: Love at First Shot. A geek talks to a girl trying to get a "My Date with Drew" while a shirtless Green Arrow (no Justin Hartley, please) takes potshots at him as part of the plan.

Shira-Lee Shalit: Beeline. A woman, to console her daughter about a marriage breakup, tells all of her pseudo-friends never to speak to her again. The Gift of Fear is said to be "no response."

Marty Martin: Dance with the Devil. A guy has a date with the bill collector. Rather choppy, and the guy didn't know his rights under FDCPA.

Kevin Luby: Edge on the End. A gay man (it seems) loses his lover (it's pretty graphic and looks like HIV) and goes through all kinds of winter fantasies about past lives.

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