Monday, June 18, 2007

"Don't Ask Don't Tell and Gay Arabic Linguists" -- a new film on YouTube; Jason & deMarco

A group called Brave New Foundation has made a short film (about three minutes) called "Don't Ask Don't Tell and Gay Arabic Linguists." The film tells the story of Stephen Benjamin, who finished near the top of his Army language school (I believe it is at the Presidio in San Francisco), that must train 300 Arabic linguists a year. However, he is not allowed to serve because he is openly gay. SLDN reports that at least 58 Arabic linguists have been discharged since 1993 under "don't ask don't tell."

The web reference is this:

The site includes a petition.

I have reported earlier that Dream Out Loud films also has a project to make a feature documentary called "Don't Ask Don't Tell." Their web reference is this. I spoke to this group and told my own unusual story over a year ago (by phone).

Again, I maintain that this whole issue merits a much larger film, and I continue to work on this idea with my own efforts. I can only punt and say, watch for more details later.


I found a UK site that offers documentary films on various issues to rent online. It is called the Documentary Network, link here.


Jason and De Marco have produced a documentary film "We're All Angels." The link is here.

The screening formation for Los Angeles (Outfest) is:
Saturday, July 21st
Regent Showcase Theatre
614 N La Brea Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90036
3:15 PM (90 minutes)
Tickets: $12.00
Ticketing Tel:(213) 480-7065
To Order Tickets On-Line:

I met Jason Warner in Minneapolis a few years ago at All God's Children Metropolitan Community Church. I have attended concerts by Jason & De Marco in Minneapolis (there) and at MCC in Fredericksburg, VA. I don't know when this film appears on the East Coast yet.

Update: July 27, 2008

The documentary "We're All Angels" airs on Showtime. The next showing happens July 30. 2008. I will try to view it and review it as soon as possible.
The link for the schedule is here.

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