Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Videos of cats playing piano

There have been some interesting amateur videos on Youtube and other places of cats making music, such as "Nora: The Piano Playing Cat" and "Eric the Cat Plays Piano" (where Eric actually plays a toy piano). In these cases, the cats appear to have watched humans playing keyboard music and become fascinated with the motion and sound, possibly reminding them of activity that could occur during hunting. Cats do seem to understand how tools and devices work, as do, apparently, all carnivores that come into contact with man. It takes intelligence to control a territory or build social relationships to hunt (well, maybe not with social insects).

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Links: Nora (Ravenswing Studio) Eric

I can imagine that shots like these will show up in cat food commercials soon. Although, it is hard to imagine making multiple cats play anything intelligible on a piano. Maybe that is the ultimate in polyphony.

I do think that a good idea for a feature film would be the world as a cat sees it. Allan W. Eckert's novel "Crossbreed" (1968) could make a good starting point, particularly for Walt Disney pictures.

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