Monday, January 01, 2007

Movie names often duplicate each other

It's not unusual for unrelated films to have the same titles or very similar titles. Generally, titles themselves cannot be copyrighted, and they can become trademarked generally only when they become multiple movie (or multiple book) franchises.

For example, I noticed that Universal's 2006 release "The Good Shepherd" about the history of the CIA, has a namesake from Sony Home entertainment in 2004, also called "The Good Shepherd", about a troubled priest; the film has an alternate title in Netflix called "The Confessor." It is common to find alternate titles and working titles on imdb. (In fact, "Working Title" is a well known production company.) Another good example is the football movie "Invincible" (2006, from Walt Disney) about the oldest NFL rookie ever, and another film by the same name (dir. Werner Herzog, from Fine Line -- now Picturehouse) about a Jewish performer masquerading in pre-WWII Nazi Germarny.

I noticed the issue with my proposed script American Epic, and then a 2007 film in production from 20th Century Fox called "Epic Movie" (in the "Scary Movie" vein -- perhaps Dr. Phil and all) that his nothing to do with it.

The picture is of a king of beasts.

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