Friday, November 03, 2006

Leonardo DiCaprio and Al Gore both tackle Global Warming (The Great Warming; An Inconvenient Truth)

Leonardo Di Caprio emerged from "boyhood" with Titanic in 1997, and visibly so with the environmental adventure The Beach in 2000, filmed near Thailand -- where he checks his email in the last scene. In the early part of this decade. Di Caprio has taken on envornmental causes more visibly, and it isn't always easy to follow. His web site offers two short films "Global Warming" and "Water Planet" for free viewing, plus a link to a site about strip mining and mountaintop removal in Appalacia, including another short video about mountaintop removal (over 470 mountaintops have been removed in Appalachia), and the referred site proposes a "mountaintop memorial."

Not as many people know that Di Caprio hosted the cable TV film "The Great Warming" from the Discovery Channel in 2003, and a shortened version of that film (marrated by Alania Morisette and Keanu Reeves has a limited engagement at Regal Theaters in late 2006.

The film seems overpowered a bit by Al Gore's film from Paramount Classics, An Inconvenient Truth, in the summer of 2006, which played all summer at major theater chains, a great record for an independent film, and Mr. Gore made a college lecture really interesting, with all of the graphs, scientific details, and video.

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