Monday, September 25, 2006

Project in progress: American Lynching

I wanted to let readers know about an important documentary project in progress, American Lynching. The filmmaker is Gode Davis. As the visitor can see from the website, the project still needs more funding.

The film would document the practice of maiming or killing and "lynching" African Americans would continue into the 1960s. There has never been a federal statute against lynching. On June 13, 2005, On this day the Senate passed a non-binding resolution apologizing for not doing more about lynching from the Civil War to the 1960s. Appearing in the Senate Building are James Allen, Sen. George Allen, Sen. Mary L. Landrieum Sen. John Kerry, and victim James Cameron. I was present for filming of some of the press conference that Monday afternoon. Live documentary filmmaking can be harrowing work; we were lucky to get lunch supplied to us during the long day.

I have watched some portions of the film in progress.

There are more details here on my Wordpress blog, Feb. 2014.

Update: 6/9/2007.

There is a film "Banished" directed by Marco Williams, about the expulsion of African Americans from three southern towns early in this century. Here is the write up from the AFI Documentary film festival. More at this link.

The picture shown here is an intersection in Alexandria, VA where a lynching took place.

Update: July 30, 2007

Check this CNN story by Eliott C. McLaughlin, "Activists re-enact grisly lynching in search of justice", in Monroe, GA, link here.

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