Thursday, September 21, 2006

Lunafest DC Shorts Sept 2006

Lunafest was a separate shorts festival emphasizing women's films at the Landmark E Street Cinema in Washington on Spet 21, 2006. It was a benefit for the Breast Cancer Fund and the Mautner Project. Lunabar is a sponsoring company.

The films were as follows:

Mann ke Manjeere, 5:15, dir. Sujit Sircar, which is a musical retrospect of surviving domestic violence.

Plum Flower, 10:00, dir. Serene Moy, set in 1948, poses the moral problems of the temptations for infanticide of female children in China, where male children and descendents were and are heavily preferred in the culture. This would fit into a pro-life argument.

Slip of the Tongue, 4:17, dir/ Karen Lum, what happens when you misspeak at a bus stop. Ethnic sensitivities.

Breached, 18:10, dir. Laura Richard. A very pregnant woman swims across the Rio Grand from Juarez, Mexico in order to have her child born in the United States, and the swim and subsequent live childbirth are harrowing.

City Paradise, 6:00, dir. Gaelle Dennis. An animated fantasy about London, which looks a bit like a model world.

Top of the Circle, 5:00, dir, Shaz Bennett. The title sounds like a geometric oxymoron, although we learn that it can refer to pregnancy. The rest is about the food chain below. A beautiful cat stars.

Dear Talula, 34:40, dir. Lori Benson, the main film of the festival and almost a feature, is a docudrama of the director's own struggle with genetic breast cancer, from diagnosis all the way through chemotherapy. This is a very intimate film and it is quite explicit but sensitive.

Kylie Goldstein - All American, 3:00, dir. Eva Saks, presents a family that has adopted a little girl from China.

Agricultural Report, 2:30, dir. Melina Sydney Paula -- animated, presents a cow as blissfully ignorant livestock.

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