Monday, December 09, 2019

"How to Transfer Your Consciousness to Another Body": store it on Titan where it stays cold

How to Transfer Your Consciousness to Another Body?”, by Ridddle.

The video (10 min) starts out by defining the Hayfick Limit, the number of times cells can divide in an organism, which means no organism is immortal without reproducing.  (There may be a jellyfish that is an exception by playing “Benjamin Button”.)
It’s possible for people to arrange to have their brains frozen, so they could be awakened millennia in the future when Man has moved to other planets to escape the billowing Sun (the ultimate climate change).  That wouldn’t work for Alzehimer’s. or if a vengeful assassin shot you in the head to make sure your demise was permanent.

But the storage and computational power to record the entire brain is beyond our computers (although quantum computers might do it).  The memory packs could be cold-stored in a data center on Titan, which belongs to Avenger’s Thanos (aka Carlos Maza with his Pride flags). 

Scientists have downloaded the brain of a planaria, with just 370 neurons, and transferred the memory to robots which actually behave like worms then.

Is a copy of your brain still you?  What if there are multiple copies?

Could a virus (maybe containing a micro black hole, which could evaporate into Hawking radition)  encode all of your memory and transfer it to someone else?

Your consciousness is a composite, as some semi-voluntary drives (like sex in most people) seem to have their own independent wills.

Enjoy this bonus from “Big Brain Boy” (competition for Pewdiepie), and I don’t think this 4-hour game is “made for kids”. 

Sunday, December 08, 2019

Expected gutting of Paramount Consent Decree by DOJ could allow big movie studios to eliminate smaller distributors as competition

John Campea discusses the likelihood that the DOJ will do away with the Paramount consent decrees.

He refers to a Nov 19 article by Brent Kendall and Erich Schwartzel in the Wall Street Journal, which is discussed by Slashfilm, and had been discussed in Nov. 2018 by James Amos at Forbes. 

The speaker fears that large movie studios will require theaters to show their bad films as well as their blockbusters, and therefore reduce screen space for smaller indie films, possibly threatening smaller studios like A24. Changing the rule would stop the FTC from enforcing anti-competitive practices. 

It's possible that established guilds want this because "established" writers and actors can make more money in big studio production, and wouldn't face competition from those who work for less. When people work for others in union conditions, the content produced is often less original.

Picture: In Minneapolis, indie filmmakers often meet at Bryant Lake Bowl on Lake Street. 

Saturday, December 07, 2019

"Gay Coded Characters" in movies and TV, as per Council of Geeks

“Council of Geeks” discusses “Gay Coded Characters” in “Gay Coding in Movies and TV”. It’s a lecture in seven parts.

I’m not sure if the speaker is fluid or trans, but “they” had a significant video on the COPPA problem recently (the FTC comment period ends Monday Dec. 9, reminder; here's a similar recent video).

Most of the examples here are for older films and are with villains, or comics movies or genres.

  (Well, Frodo’s relationship with Sam is gay-coded, more than just male-best-friend coded).  The “Joker” gets mentioned.   Yes (yeth), the lisp (lithp) can constitute gay-coding, but that was more pre-Stonewall (Tiny Tim, “OGAB”, as was “thmooth”).

This is not the same as casting diversity.  In a particular gay film, it might be important that the characters be sexually attracted to one another for more old-fashioned signals of the “external trappings of manhood.”

Thursday, December 05, 2019

"In Arms": in high school, two friends deal with grief and loss

Lucas Cox directs the 9-minute short “In Arms”.

In a Catholic high school, two students deal with the loss of a sister, sitting on the floor of the bathroom. The setting is about as simple as you can imagine.

With Harry Thornton and Will Harrison.
This situation is as protist as it gets.

Wednesday, December 04, 2019

"5 Reasons to Like Blue Jays": are they smart?

I don’t know if blue jays, which are corvids, are as smart as crows, but I thought I would share “5 Reasons to Like Blue Jays”.  Corvids have evolved problem solving ability from evolution separately from mammals. 

The caterpillar scene is interesting.

Bluejays are common in northern Virginia and conspicuous.

But so are crows.  I had one befriend me in the house, and in the new condo a crow will sit on the balcony and watch me work at the computer.  On the day of Hurricane Sandy in 2012, the crow “Timo” kept chasing me back into the garage when I ventured out to test the weather. He knew a storm was coming and seemed to protect me.

Tuesday, December 03, 2019

"People Who Like to Be Alone"

Brainy Dose presents “People Who Like to Be Alone Have These 12 Special Personality Traits”.

In “Smallville”, the teen Clark Kent would say, “I’m different, I’m not special”.

But Clark was an introvert in the best sense.

I have to say that the first of these films has plenty of appealing looking young men in the mold of  the stereotype of "cis gay men", an ideal of the past. 

Beastie has a similar film, actually longer, “The 11 Unique Personality Traits”.

Beastie also adds three traits of extroverts.

If a journalist likes to jump out of planes sometimes, he could still be someone who works alone a lot. 

 If a waiter in a gay bar talks about doing base jumps and can actually do them, he’s likely to be more extroverted.

I matched up well with most of this, but I don’t have emotional sympathy for disadvantaged people, but I do understand their predicament.  But it is a somewhat distanced, measured understanding, about privilege or the lack thereof.  It isn’t quite the same as trading places or true “skin in the game”. Time is very important to me.  I value independence.  I related to cats more than dogs, and cats like me.  Moral compass can be very nuanced indeed.

Economic Invincibility, John Fish, and Tim Pool, as Youtube channel owners, all fit into this category.  Fish has discussed this openly. Jordan Peterson is the senior person of this personality type.  (You can name others, and yes, people think they are on the right, like Sargon of Akaad.  They absolutely do not support supremacy.) They all tend so be somewhat conservative, at least as far as resisting the ideas of tribalism or group rights or reparations. You could call them anti-tribalists.  The alt-right and far Left seem to be populated by conventional tribalists and “extroverts”.  The most infamous is orange man.
Todd Grande has videos on schizoid and avoidant personalities, and high functioning autism (Aspergers), all of which mix with introversion for various reasons.

The far Left is trying to force everyone to see themselves through "intersectional groups" and join causes and take on personal challenges dictated by others, as an ideological goal.  There is this idea that "victims" based on group-membership are "not good enough" to be worthy of one's potential attention for friendship.
Remember, though, "Carousel" ends with "You'll Never Walk Alone". 

Picture: Extinction Rebellion, Washington DC, Sept 23, 2019 

Monday, December 02, 2019

"Washington Nationals: Team of Destiny, 2018 Mini Movie": the short before the preview

There is a film showing of a 90-minute documentary at the Anthem theater on the Anacostia waterfront in Washington DC tonight, titled “The 2019 World Series Documentary”.  DVD’s are supposed to go on sale Tuesday, Dec. 3. 
I didn’t get around to getting to this, but I did find a 14-minute Tube by MCQ37 Highlights, “Washington Nationals: Team of Destiny, 2019 Mini Movie”.  The film shows the highlights of the disappointments in the playoffs in 2012 (I remember the top of the ninth when the Cardinals scored 4 runs after a borderline call of ball four with 2 outs), 2014, 2016, 2017.

Then it races through the 2019 season, after Bryce Harper went to the Phillies, and the Nats were 19-31 after the first fifty game.  The film shows the highlights of a 12-10 home win against the Marlins, and the Nats would go 74-38 for the rest of the season (finish 93-69), including winning the last 8 games and a 5-game sweep at home against the Phillies. Including the playoffs they would finish 86-43 from that point.

The film rushes through the World Series, where the visiting team won all seven games. The critical win might have been game 2, when the Nats scored 5 gift runs in the top of the seventh after an infield fumble and then a broken-bat hit. Good teams pounce on little mistakes, particularly when on the road.

They do show Kyle Kendrick’s slicing homer off the foul pole to put the Nats ahead in game 7.
It will be interesting to see if they can keep both Stephen Strasburg and Anthony Rendon.  High-average hitters like Rendon have the ability to make time slow down (from the brain’s perspective) so they can hit the ball – it seems genetic.  Animals, especially cats, can do this when hunting prey.
Here’s another video, about opening day of the 1955 season at Griffith Stadium, when the Senators beat the Orioles 12-5, but would lose the next day in Yankee Stadium 19-1, and would finish the season 53-101.  But they would go 13-9 against the Cleveland Indians that year (and against Boston the next year). In 1959 they would endure their 18 game losing streak.