Monday, August 03, 2020

Bell’s Theorem: The Quantum Venn Diagram Paradox

Mermin's inequality

Bell’s Theorem: The Quantum Venn Diagram Paradox” by Minute Physics.

This video presents Bell’s hidden variable theory in quantum physics which posits the possibility of “local realism”, that somehow information (of entangled particles) is so fundamental that it is instantaneous (faster than light).  Or is it because the observer changes the result by staring at it?
The theory could explain some biological paradoxes (maybe even how viruses evolved).
There is a sci-fi idea that somehow information somehow can transcend the normal limits on energy (speed of light), and is so fundamental that aliens (“angels”) could use it to teleport themselves in some strange circumstances.

Mermin's inequality is embedded from a pdf on Wikipedia, click for attribution. 

Sunday, August 02, 2020

"Leaving this Place": kaleidoscopic film by Connor Franta of troubled times

Connor Franta has produced an engaging 2-minute short film with a kaleidoscope of what is going on in America right now, “Leaving this Place”.

I don’t know what the title means.

He enclosed the words of his poem in the YouTube video notes.

Often he uses a split screen.
He may be intending a submission to “A Day Life 2020”, discussed July 22. 

Saturday, August 01, 2020

Does Hollywood censor scripts for movies even for American viewing to placate China?

Passengers lining up in Wuhan railway station for their body temperature to be checked during the Wuhan coronavirus outbreak

Iaowhy86 (who lives in China, I think) explains “How Hollywood Is Censoring YOUR Movies for China”.   Moviegoers (especially when theaters reopen) should complain about this. 

 He opens with an explanation of how Maoist China censored everything so as to memorialize “the Proles”.  But China made a tremendous turnaround and embraced statist capitalism, and eventually became a big market for Hollywood. 

So often Hollywood would censor scripts for Chinese screenings, but overtime started writing scripts to be acceptable in China wherever they were shown (in the US).  That seems really sensitive now (given the theories about the pandemic). 

This sounds like it could be a big deal for screenwriters trying to sell scripts, if they are politically charged (let’s say talk about the US and China in a space race, for openers). I would even wonder about Tyler Mowery’s script “Blue Moon” which he shares on his YouTube channel.
Picture: Wikipedia embed, Wuhan, click for CCSA attribution. 

Thursday, July 30, 2020

"Top Coat": when staying at home, the simple things matter

Top Coat” is a 5-minute lesbian film about simple things, and its recent (May 2020).

The thumbnail is a piece of strawberry cake, like what Longhorn Steakhouse sells for takeout.  The headin picture is in black and white, even if the little things in the film are in garish color (like "The Gang's All Here").   There is a model flamingo, and then we see two young women (PoC) played by Jlouliet Amak and Alexa Mareka, the first given the second a nail manicure, a superficial top coat.

All this stuff moves inside during the stay-at-homes for the pandemic.
My own mother used to get her hair done, and then got permanents, sometimes within the same week (at least once), and they would take four hours.

Wednesday, July 29, 2020

"A Day in the Life in Mexico City" (Eduardo Sanchez-Ubanell), maybe could wind up in the 2020 compendium

Angel de la Independencia Mexico City
Eduardo Sanchez-Ubanell offers the short film “A Day in the Life in Mexico City”, probably into the “A Day in the Life 2020” (or "Life in a Day") Project by Ridley Scott (see July 22, 2020).
He visits his parents in a high-rise in Mexico City (some of his earlier videos explain his background). Not a lot of businesses or attractions are open (this compares to videos by the Barrett Channel in China where pretty much everything is open but carefully monitored),  so then the film focuses on indoor exercise routines (with a trainer video playing on a laptop) and then homecooking delicious food from ingredients, which the film celebrates for its own sake.
 I’ve been there myself, once in 1974 (link).  I do remember the Zona Rosa, the Anthropology Museum, and the Metro -- and the National Palace as there was an outdoor ceremony there Sept. 1, 1974.  
Picture: embed from Wikipedia, click for CCSA attribution 

Tuesday, July 28, 2020

"Advocate": Israeli lawyer Lea Tsemsel defends Palestinians prosecuted probably for political reasons

Jericho from above

On Monday, July 27, 2020, PBS POV presented a slightly (85 minutes from 108, as originally released by Film Movement, from Home Made Docs) version of the documentary “Advocate”, directed by Rachel Lee Jones and Phillippe Bellaiche. The film is a biography of attorney Lea Tsemsel (1945-  ), who defends Palestinians accused of various crimes with often insufficient evidence, essentially political prisoners in the occupied territories.

The film goes back to the 1967 war, when she volunteered to soldier as part of the operation.  It tracks her work particularly in the volatile 70s and 80s.

Then it focuses on at least two cases, a non-fatal stabbing from a minor, and then a supposed failed attempted suicide bombing.

Lea explains her defending Palestinians as part of her moral responsibility as an agent of an occupying power. But at the end of the film, we are warned she will be prosecuted. 
The film is in Hebrew and Arabic. 

The PBS Video link is here.  
Picture: Jericho, from Wikipedia embed, click for attribution. 

Monday, July 27, 2020

"Mars in 4K": a 10-minute tour of Mars from the rovers in ultra-HD

Animation of Mars orbit around Earth

Here is “Mars in 4K” from Elder Documentaries.

The ultra high quality video (10 min) was compiles from Opportunity and Spirit footage, and processed in ultra HD.

The Namib Dune at the end, next to the rover, was spooky to look at.

This is the highest quality resolution of Mars I have ever seen.

From Wikipedia: GIF of Mars pseudo-orbit around Earth, click for attribution.