Thursday, February 20, 2020

"Reverse Film School": what does a script supervisor do for the finished product?

Reverse Film School:  What Happens When a Movie Has No Script Supervisor?” posted by Vanity Fair.

A lawyer (at his desk) and client (sitting in front of him) have a conversation. A female script supervisor points out all the logic errors in the segment.

At one point, the lawyer seems to have teleported himself in the room.  That makes sense only if he is an alien and a superman (like Clark Kent from Smallville).  Never mind that I once saw a teenager do that.  Maybe (benevolent, angelic) aliens are with us.

The wardrobe discontinuity is interesting.  In some gay male videos, sometimes shirts appear rebuttoned suddenly.  Look at this one.  he guy in the green shirt should have kept the second placket shirt button closed until the intimacy started, to maintain continuity (and body suspense).

Screenplays (especially shooting scripts) have to be checked carefully for logic errors;  that includes the issue as to how a character knows something about another character's experiences. 
There’s another process called script clearance. We'll cover that soon. 

Wednesday, February 19, 2020

"Findians" in northern Minnesota, as Finnish and native American cultures easily mix

Wildwood Vagabond presents “Findians”.

Other videos have presented the history Finnish emigration to northern Minnesota (as well as the UP of Michigan, Ohio, and other places), some of it after Russia took back some Finnish land.

The native American tribes in northern Minnesota also endured “confiscation” by pioneers, which is becoming a guilty political issue on some of the far Left today.
The cultures intermingled and sometimes intermarried. 

Monday, February 17, 2020

"Lasiurus": 2018 short previews today's apocalypse (Omeleto)

Omeleto offers Leonardo Missorion as the young man in “Lasiurus”, directed by Marcus Alquero,

A young man seems unaware that doomsday is happening around him.  He is alone in a grocery store, comes come and finds a note to look at his phone.  His girl friend has locked herself in another room. 

 Then he sees the bats, and runs to one upper study left.
How appropriate now (the film was produced in 2018).  

Sunday, February 16, 2020

WSJ: "How Scientists Are Trying to Develop a Coronavirus Vaccine"

I thought I would share a “short” from the Wall Street Journal on a hopeful development regarding possibly a quick vaccine against COVID-19, the Wuhan Novel Coronavirus   Jason Bellini narrates.
The official title is “How Scientists Are Trying to Develop a Coronavirus Vaccine.”
Scientists design vaccines on a computer based on uploaded RNA genetic codes.  The great hope is that this time there will be a “rapid response vaccine” where the body’s T-cells are encouraged to make their own test antigens that mimic COVID-19 antigens. 
The second part of the short also described how a nucleic acid vaccine could work.  It also instructs the body’s white cells with messenger RNA.  This work goes on at NIH in Bethesda, MD, 
Of course the patent needs an intact cellular immune system.
The video suggests that a trial vaccine could be available in bout four months.

Saturday, February 15, 2020

Quentin Tarantino: How to Write and Direct Movies

Quentin Tarantino: How to Write and Direct Movies”, from The Director’s Chair.

He explains how “Kill Bill” comes from “me”.  He says his movies are little autobiographies stuck in his multiple genre worlds. Remember the bizarre reference to Clark Kent in the second film. 

He says in a novel you can start in the middle of the story. So his movies are structured like novels.  The ultimate film told out of chronological order (in seven movements, like a song cycle) that circles back on itself is "Pulp Fiction".  But Christopher Nolan often employs similar circular structures, and Tyler Mowery's screenwriting lectures use a plot circle diagram (as opposed to Hauge's which is stepwise).  
He says he puts little metaphors and epithets in his writing from his own life that only he knows about. Often the material seems like lucid dreams, barely outside of reality. 

Thursday, February 13, 2020

"Coronavirus and Me" -- a young Irishman teaching English in Wuhan "escapes" to quarantine in the UK and tests negative at the end

Coronavirus and Me: Ben Kavanagh’s Journey: From Quarantine in Wuhan to Wirral”. This is quite engaging and shows what has been going on with the pandemic. 
Mr. Kavanagh, from Ireland, had been teaching English.  He was out for New Year’s Eve when he got a text warning him of a few SARS-like cases in Wuhan.
The situation worsened, and most of his film is shot on the deserted streets of Wuhan in late January, as he puts on very elaborate masks and googles to go out for groceries.
He gets a chance for evacuation, rides a bus for four hours to Beijing and is flown to the UK, and place in a well-supported hotel-like quarantine in Wirral, UK.
Finally, he gets out.  There is a second video where he reports testing negative. He mentions the 24-day outlier case, where others complained he should have stayed 10 days longer.  At some point this has to stop. 
Christos Lynteros writes about how in Asia use of face masks, which may not be that effective, show “solidarity”. 
Wikipedia attribution link, CDC diagram of COVINT-19, CCSA 4.0. 

Wednesday, February 12, 2020

"Paper Boy": black and white short film from festival circuit in India charms with its simplicity

Paper Boy”, from Pocket Films, and Idiot Box films, is a 15 minute short film from India, and won a prize in the Kolkata (Calcultta) film festival and various other fesitvals in India.
It is directed by Amilet Matra and stars Raja as the boy, and is filmed in black and white Cinemascope.
A 10 year old boy delivers a small local newspaper in the slums and runs into touching sights that tourists miss (because they never come to the slums), like a ferry, and pigeons.  Finally a customer throws down a bicycle pump with a paper as a present.

Here's JIFF link to a slum picture. 
I was reminded of “The Bicycle Thief”, Italian film in the late 1940s.
By Arun Kumar Jena / Arnabchat -, CC BY 2.5, Link