Thursday, December 02, 2021

"How Did China Do It?" according to Ryan Chapman

China satellite


 The Rise of China: How Did China Do It”?, by Ryan Chapman, 16 min.

Partly smart leadership that put in elements of capitalism gradually, and a strong work culture.

The competitiveness in Chinese school systems is definitely anti-woke.

NASA map, Wikipedia embed. 

Wednesday, December 01, 2021

“I Left Home to ‘Chase My Dreams’” by Max Reisinger.

MK02256 2257 Belly River

I Left Home to ‘Chase My Dreams’” by Max Reisinger.

Max  spent a few weeks at a cabin camp in the mountains and streams in Montana (not sure where, maybe near Kalispell, where I stayed in May 1981 for a night), with other contemporaries, making “Jack London” outdoorsy little clips and editing into a short film.   This is a gap year dream.

There is a morning ritual cold swim.  A love-hate relationship.

Apparently the crew of about 10 young adults (not sure male-female) shared the space for a little more than a month, and shared chores like an intentional community (I have talked about Twin Oaks in Virginia in other Blogger pages).  The opening shows Maximilian ringing the "dinner time" triangle. 

The whole film seems like a Terrence Mallick meditation, as much “Knight of Cups” as “Tree of Life”. There are passages where Max reflects the voices in his own head, stitching time together. There is a drone shot of him playing chess. 

There is also a simple act of lighting a match to start the cabin fireplace at the 2 min mark, and I remembered, at that age (or a little younger) I was afraid to light matches.  That's how I was/.  I cringed.  

There is a lot of French music in the background, maybe Satie.

The film was available on Patreon a couple weeks before release on Nov. 28.

There is a curious dropoff to a meta-narrative about photographing your life in old Polaroids, and then LG sponsorship.

Wikipedia embed of Belly River in Waterton Park in northern Montana, click for attribution. 

Tuesday, November 30, 2021

"Your Reality", a young woman gaslights her way maybe into poverty as she loses a grip on irrevocable reality


fruit flies die when pairing off

Tatjana Andrews presents a 21-minute short film by Top Tarasin, “Your Reality”.

A female marketing executive becomes tipsy on her memory of reality and starts gaslighting everyone and risks losing her job, and her boyfriend.

Tatjana plays the young woman.

Monday, November 29, 2021

“Tiny Black Holes May Have Produced Some of the Moon’s Craters”, by Petrov

CMS Higgs-event


Tiny Black Holes May Have Produced Some of the Moon’s Craters", by Anton Petrov.

These would be tiny primordial black holes created when the Universe began.

Should they have evaporated by now?

Could their surfaces store information which could be retrieved by deliberately boiling them? A sci-fi idea thar occurs in my novel draft “Angel’s Brother”.

On the Moon, or Mercury or any airless rocky body the crater have an image om the opposite side, with no nipple in the center.

Wikipedia embed Higgs event, CCSA 3.0, click for attribution

Sunday, November 28, 2021

Is "Dune" a "white savior" story?


arid planet 

“Quinn’s Ideas” discusses whether “Dune” (movies and books) is a “white savior story”.

Villaneuve (director) put out a statement showing the story shows the flaw on a civilization’s depending on any one savior.

Jesus has usually been shown as a “white savior”.  Christopher Nolan, remember, cast his protagonist as a black man in Tenet.

Saturday, November 27, 2021

“Why It’s Harder to Earn More than Your Parents” from The Economist


Bethesda MD outdoor dining 


“Why It’s Harder to Earn More than Your Parents”, from the Economist.

The absolute income mobility index was positive after WWII (I was born in 1943) but began to drop with the stagflation of the 1970s;  we pulled out of it with extreme capitalism, which increased debt and tended to make people into winners and losers when left on their own.

It was different when we had a draft.

Friday, November 26, 2021

When the Universe Had all 11 Original Dimensions Before Becoming Strings

Uniform tiling 433-t0 (formatted)


“The Darkest Secret of the Universe” or “The Terrifying Mystery of The Fourth Dimension” from the “Three Body Problem Series” by Quinn’s Ideas.

That is based on  Cixin Liu’s Remembrance of Earth’s Past trilogy.

A crew discovers a special void in the Universe where you can enter the 4th dimension and learn about the process of dimensional collapse (like vacuum decay) where all but three spatial dimensions collapse into strings. With all 11 dimensions at full, the speed of light is infinite.

Uniform tiling tesselation, Wikipedia embed, click for attribution