Saturday, September 25, 2021

Luke Korns: I Love You, Pakistan



I Love You, Pakistan by Luke Korns. 

Luke hasn’t traveled much during the pandemic. So he impulsively booked a flight to Karachi, found someone who was an astronomer to stay with. They went on a train, bus, and mountain climb, dealing with an avalanche or rock slide which they cleared by hand.

Along the way, lots of radical hospitality, no religion or politics.

At the 13000 foot summit they looked at the Milky Way on a new moon.

Picture of truck art, Wikipedia, pd

Friday, September 24, 2021

‘On the Same Team’ -- rugby players in Chile and best friends



‘On the Same Team’ or ‘En el Mismo Equipo’ (2015) by BONZO VILLEGAS and CARLOS VILARÓ NADAL is a 21 minute short about a bisexual rugby player Emmanuel in Chile.

After a super masculine teammate and best friend comes out to him, his relations with girls become ambiguous. 

Picture; Copper mine embed  Wikipedia

Thursday, September 23, 2021

‘Venus is NOT a Runaway Greenhouse Effect’, from Climate Change

Venus - December 23 2016


The Climate Change channel reports ‘Venus is NOT a Runaway Greenhouse Effect’

The video does not really say that but it does show what happens if Venus and Mars trade places.

Both planets could have had chance, to make the solar system more like that of Dune.

Wikipedia picture embed clock for attribution

Tuesday, September 21, 2021

"Minimal Surfaces": soap films follow the laws of calculus

Bulle de savon hélicoïde


The Action Lab described “Minimal Surfaces” as “The Shapes that Help Us Understand Black Holes”.

A minimal surface (which you see in reality with a soap bubble held by surface tension) is one where the second derivative of the curvature at any point is zero.

That’s not the same thing as the minimum surface area – which will be attained by a perfect sphere.

Wikipedia: embed of a helicoid, click for attribution.  Another kind of minimal surface will be the catenoid.

Monday, September 20, 2021

"Touch Me in the Morning", old times gay short


LA 2012 

Frankie Kraft has a short film, 5 minutes, Jan. 2017, “Touch Me in the Morning”.

An attractive gay man get up and waits in the living room of his Los Angeles garden apartment. In the other room, last night’s trick, who is taller, tries to woo him again, even drawing his long hair into a ponytail and playing a popular song on vinyl on a stereo.

Then the trick leaves,

Then the first guy leaves.

This looks like the 70s.

Sunday, September 19, 2021

“KIC 8462582: The Plot Thickens” by John Michael Godier



KIC 8462582: The Plot Thickens”, is a new 17 minute video about a star hidden by unexplained debris.

Science fiction author John Michael Godier updates the theories about Tabby’s Star, 1500 light years away.  It's official name includes a seven-digit phone number! Now he speculates that self-replicating robots could have mined asteroids and built an O’Neill cylinder around the entire orbit of a planet, maybe as part of a Dyson Sphere structure.

The film shows at least two O’Neill landscapes.

Wikipedia embed shows a star partially hidden by a dust ring, click for attribution. 

Saturday, September 18, 2021

"Why Will This 'Zombie' Mushroom Destroy Humanity?" from Ridddle

Amanita stirps Hemibapha 45069


Why Will This ‘Zombie’ Mushroom Destroy Humanity?” from Ridddle (Dec. 16. 2020).

There is a fungus plant that will attach itself to a certain insect and integrate itself with the insect, taking over it, even the brain, and getting it to produce fungus spores.

So the natural horror movie scenario is that this could happen to people.

Newscientist article on something similar. 

But would you remain yourself as fungal laziness took over?

Wikipedia picture, embed, click for attribution