Saturday, November 28, 2009

"Max Payne" is no Max Planck

Max Payne” is no Max Planck. No, he’s the lead protagonist of a 2008 genre police thriller from John Moore for Fox, played by Marky Mark Wahlberg, who back in the 1990s provided the icon for how to build a personal website.

It’s like a Screen Gems or Dimension movie. It pays homage to every screenwriting technique (Beau Thorne) by stitching together a plot with as many hyperboles as possible. Max Payne (funny, “Payne” was a punching bag in my Army basic) is a former cop whose wife and unborn child were slain. Playing around in the cold case unit, be becomes a suspect himself in the murder of another escort, as the characters pile up (including an assassin good enough to be Pie ‘O’ Pah) leading to a black ops plot with a pharmaceutical company, making a super steroid drug to make soldiers into “universal soldiers” – the ultimate fighting machine. The potion is said to be essential to George W.'s war on terror. (The films idea of manly men is the hairless, tattooed look.) The drug is related to Norse mythology, and the administration of a bizarre tattoo (not the rose tattoo, either). The drug works only on 1% of the soldiers, and the rest have wild hallucinations, which are quite well done in the film, with images like those in the “Crow” movies and later something like an alien attack on NYC (not quite Cloverfield, but maybe with a little bit of the solar flares of "Knowing").

Key line: "All that snow, and watch it end up being a beautiful day."

Website is here.

Picture: What's "wrong" with the clock? (Restaurant in Winchester VA).

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