Saturday, November 14, 2009

John Cusack's lighter role was "Must Love Dogs"

While John Cusack gets a lot of visibility this weekend as an Everyman author who taps in to the end of the world ("2012, previous entry"), I checked out an earlier romantic comedy from Warner Brothers and director Gary David Goldberg, “Must Love Dogs”, based on a novel by Claire Cook.

Cusack is the good guy here, but the interest in this film partly comes from the fact that it came out just as social networking sites were becoming popular, and perhaps before people realized that their reputations could suffer from too much digital dirt. Here, a pre-school teacher Sarah Nolan (Diane Lane) goes along with her family’s intention that she find a boyfriend before she becomes an outright cougar (pun). Both Bob (Dermot Mulroney) and Jake (Cusack) are just barely not too young for her, but she plays a gimmick, you have to be a dog lover. Now I suppose you could try the same plot idea with “equal time for cats” (or cougars, particularly). We see some athletic talents here, like crew team, and maybe dogs can row as well as swim.

The DVD has a couple of "testimonials" from characters, left out of the film, and a gag reel called "Pass the Beef" (not pass the barf") where Cusack gets to be funny.

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